National Capital Ice Caps Synchro Team

Who are the National Capital Ice Caps


The National Capital Ice Caps is a Pre-Novice synchronized skating team representing the Ottawa region. They practice twice/week and in addition to performing at a few local exhibitions, they compete in several competitions across Ontario and Western Quebec. The skaters range in age from 13-19 and come from all areas of Ottawa. The team finished 2nd in the Ontario Regionals in 2013 so to increase the challenge, they have moved up to the Intermediate category this year after competing at Pre-Novice for the last 3 seasons.

The Ice Caps are coached by Meredith Rocchi and assistant coached by Lauren.

Why should I join a Synchronized Skating team like the Ice Caps?

marchmania2011_420Joining a synchronized skating team allows skaters of all levels to develop their skating skills in a positive and encouraging environment. The strategy of goal setting is developed, and skaters learn how to utilize their strengths and develop areas needing improvement. Synchro skaters learn that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and can often accomplish more with a team than they would on their own in terms of skating excellence.  As skaters progress within synchronized skating they learn about responsibility, and participation on a team can reinforce the ideas of accountability, and punctuality. A skater learns quickly what it's like to have a team of peers rely on them to be present, well rested, on time, and ready to practice.

Being part of a team that represents a club creates sense of team spirit and loyalty among skaters. Wearing the team's colors and cheering for other local teams is one of the most exciting parts of synchronized skating competitions!  Skaters often get to travel to places all over the province (and sometimes even across the country) as they represent their city, club, and section while at synchro competitions.  The skaters experience the joys of teamwork as they experience success as a result of their collective effort. FUN and FREINDSHIPS are the main reason why skaters enjoy the sport of synchronized skating!

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